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About Us


We have created our own Little Italy.

We provide you with a vast array of mouth-watering, dry-aged custom meats. You can envision your next meal with an assortment of popular ready-to-cook entrees. Each day our chefs prepare a variety of home-made delicacies using the finest and freshest ingredients.

At the bakery you’ll find Mrs. Botto’s famous ricotta cheese cookies and pies as well as many other Italian bakery favorites.


Botto’s Italian Line Restaurant opened on February 7, 1998. The owner, Robert Botto Sr., created and designed the restaurant’s atmosphere. During his travels throughout the world, he brought together the beauty and style of two regions.

While sitting at your table, enjoying the delicious cuisine, imagine sailing along the Italian Riviera underneath the beautiful stars in the night. The aroma given by our wonderful dishes and the sounds in the air will romance you.

Robert Botto Sr. has brought back a time that was the Golden Age of this country, 1939. Along the walls is a part of history that is not forgotten. On his travels, Mr. Botto became friends with celebrities that have past, but their sounds and deeds have not.

During your time here, the Italian Riviera romances you and the Golden Age of 1939 dazzles you while on your wonderful trip of a time that has past, but not forgotten.

Botto’s Genuine Italian Sausage

Shortly after buying C.W. Brown & Co., he immediately worked on developing his own flavor of Italian sweet and hot sausage. Originally from South Philadelphia, Mr. Botto was the youngest son of Vincenzo and Domenica Botto, a well known produce retailer in the city of Philadelphia.

Robert Sr. and his wife Catherine married in 1959 and moved to Swedesboro, NJ to operate a food market for his brothers Henry and Joseph. Over the years Robert worked tirelessly building the sales and distribution of Botto’s Italian Sausage in many retail stores in the South Jersey area. While doing such he added many other items to his product list including meatballs, breaded veal steaks, beef and sausage patties, brasiola, philly steaks and tomato sauce.

In 2007, Robert Sr. passed away, leaving a legacy familiar with many successful self made men in the business world for generations to follow. He built the Botto Italian Sausage brand name as the best in the industry.

C.W. Brown Foods, Inc. has continued to distinguish itself under the leadership of Robert and Catherine’s 4 sons promoting the production of the highest quality products, developing new and exciting products full of flavor, conveyance and cost effectiveness.